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Top-notch phone repairs in Accra

cracked phone screen

Screen Replacement

Did you accidentally drop your phone and got the screen cracked? Seeing that horrible ink taking a portion of your screen? Don’t fret. No need to abandon your phone. We’ll help you out. We’ll fix original screen so you can enjoy your stored information. Trust us for the best phone repairs in Accra.

Battery Problems

If your phone isn’t charging chances are the charging port has issues, the battery is falling or an issue with your charger. Don’t let this frustrate you. Let’s give it the expert attention that leads to lasting solution. That’s what we do best. If we have to go for battery replacement, we’ll give you the best quality.

phone power

Power Issues

Nothing can be frustrating than pressing that little power button and the phone just won’t respond. This is a daily occurrence and we’ve fixed countless number of devices with similar issues. We’ll give it the needed diagnosis to fix it in the shortest possible time.

Other Phone Issues

Among other smaller but equally challenging issues  all phone users experience sometimes include mouthpiece issues, app crashes, overheating, dysfunctional MicroSD Card sl0ts among many others. When you encounter any of these, keep your cool. Let’s handle them with the required expertise.  We’ll  investigate the problem, fix it and offer helpful tips for better performance. That’s how we do our phone repairs in Accra. 

iPhone Repair Service

iPhone 12 cameraLike all electronic devices, iPhones are equally prone to cracks resulting from accidental drops, power problems as well as a myriad of other causative factors. When this happens it calls for professional attention and that’s where we come in handy. The worst you can ever do is to attempt a fix without the requisite technical skills.

Given the sophisticated technology involved in the manufacture of these phones and the expensive price tags, expert attention is extremely important. Whatever the problem is, we’ve got the experience to do a proper diagnosis to unravel the issue for solution.

With our years of experience, you can count on us for pretty much all issues when it comes to iPhones. From old devices like iPhone 7 to latest versions such as iPhone 12, iPhone 13 pro max or 14, we’re here to help. Talk to us today. We’re your reliable place for phone repairs in Accra. 

Android Phone Repairs

Samsung S20 cameraYou love Android, right? Yes, most Ghanaians do for its flexibility, huge loads of apps in the app repository among many other helpful benefits. That not withstanding, your favorite Samsung, Nokia or Infinix phone isn’t spared with the many phone issues. When it drops in water, suffers mouthpiece defects and any other damage, you don’t need to stop using it or fidget with it without the right skills.

That can be a dangerous gamble as it can escalate the issue. Having fixed and continue to fix these problems on daily basis, we are in a good position to resolve your problem too. We keep you updated at every step of the way so you’re rest assured of lasting solution. Come feel our quality phone repairs in Accra today!

Common Causes of Phone Problems and Solutions

Phone repairs in Accra

Undertaking phone repairs in Accra for over a decade, there are many common phone related issues we keep seeing and here are the most common problems for your reading pleasure. We also include the respective solutions to help you out. These should help you observe the appropriate precautionary measures for the good of your device.

Of course, every device out there can suffer  some for of defects as you continue to use it.  However, by taking some of these precautionary measures, you’ll be able to mitigate its frequency and impact.

Let’s get going with the common issues…

1. Broken Glass or immersion in water
No one does this deliberately but you’re bound to drop your phone once in a while. That’s just the way it is. When this happens, your device can suffer ink covering a portion of the screen or result in unresponsive touch. In fact, you risk bruising your finger depending on the nature of the crack.

Preventive measure –
Get a screen protector: This may not be  a 100% solution to avoid phone screen breakages but can be helpful in giving it a layer of protection especially when the drop is mild. In the event of a hard hit, it can reduce the impact

Phone cover: This is another good accessory to give your phone some respite when the unfortunate drop happens. With a good cover made of the right material, the severity of the damage can be significantly reduced.

2. Overheating
This is something you might come across once a while. This can be as a result of the intensity of use or from a particular application that causes the problem.

Preventive measures –
Avoid using the phone while on charge. This is extremely important not only for the health of the device but for your personal safety as well. Disconnect it from the charger and take a second look at the quality of it.

If you notice the overheating is due to a particular app you installed recently, uninstall it immediately to safe your device. 

3. Mobile phone running slowly
This is another common issue that we meet quite often doing phone repairs in Accra especially when the phone has been used for long. Overtime, the accumulated files and apps begin to have a toll on the phone performance as they consume a lot of the RAM’s power.

Preventive measures:
If the above is identified as the cause, consider freeing up the load to ease the pressure on the phone.

4. Not Charging & Power issues
Sometimes, mobile devices just won’t charge or start after hitting the power button. It may be due to a faulty adaptor or an issue with the charging port.

If the device isn’t charging, check to see if you’re using the right charger. If it’s the right charger, you might have to talk to an expert.
However, if the battery quickly drains out especially if it’s been used for long, it may just be time for replacement. 

5. Apps not downloading
One of the common causes of apps not downloading comes from the play store app itself. It could be that it needs to be updated. It could also be as a result of corrupt cache. Another common cause is when your device memory runs low with not enough space.
Prevention – Keep your play store up-to-date. Also check to clear the cache of the app to see if it resolves the issue. Thankfully, play store will prompt you if you don’t have enough space. If this is the case, well, you know what to do: delete some items or increase your memory capacity.


Discontinue using the device and consult an expert if the above fixes fail to work or  you encounter anything beyond the scope of these fixes.

You can talk to us for help or any other technician to avoid worsening the situation.

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