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As the name suggests, PriceGhana was created to offer helpful prices for products and services to the teaming Ghanaian online searchers.

The big internet is inundated with so much information that it becomes daunting to choose the best from the rest, sometimes. If you’ve ever landed on an Indian site purporting to offer you the prices of goods and services in Ghana that are unrealistic and usually unreasonable, you’ll appreciate homegrown platforms like priceghana.org.

We’ve all experienced the frustration that comes with it. This site was created and managed by Juni Consult, a web design outfit based in Accra with strong interest in digital marketing and its attendant search engine optimization.

We set out to be the diamond in the rough by providing insightful reviews of selected products and offering realistic price points based on the prevailing market situation in Ghana. This should¬† guide you in your purchasing decisions.¬† Plus, we don’t only give you prices of products but deal in them for your purchasing pleasure.

Driven by a passion to be exceptional, we treat all our clients with the best customer service. Compared with other outlets. our prices are always unbeatable without compromising on quality.

Samsung S21 Ultra price in Ghana

Our Business Ethics

Customer Centered

customer satisfaction

We do appreciate every search intent and go a step further to meet it. Whether you’re looking for phone prices in Ghana credit, prices of other products and services, our utmost delight is to serve you well. No click baits and misleading info. Your coming back to do business with us matters so much and we do everything we can to earn it.

User Experience

user experience

We strive to give our visitors and clients the best experience with fast, efficient web platform that’s easy to navigate around with little to no technical skills. Operating largely online, this is something we can’t afford to compromise on.

Quality Standards

Whether we’re reviewing or describing a product or service, we’re very selective. We do know that most of our clients take important purchasing decisions based on our recommendations and this means we can’t but maintain a high standard of quality in what we write about.

Dona Dona
Dona Dona
Wonderful site, was very happy with the service rendered to me. I really recommend this splendid site to each and every one.
Harry Nani
Harry Nani
Thanks for getting me the phone I wanted. Keep reviewing these phones to help us decide but please write more about iPhones.
Bright Mensah
Bright Mensah
Was happy to stumble upon this site. Cool to navigate around. Helpful phone reviews. I bought an Infinix phone and they delivered it in less than an hour. Good job
Tony Andrews
Tony Andrews
Good service. Moderate phone prices. Original quality phone. That's all i needed. Glad i got them. Thanks
Enoch Okai
Enoch Okai
I got the best Nokia G20 price in Ghana from these guys and I was very pleased with their customer service and the quality of the phone. Highly recommended