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If you’ve been looking for Catering Service Accra​ to make your occasion memorable, you’ve got what you want. Whether it’s a Wedding ceremony, Birthday, Funeral, Outdooring, Parties, you’ve got to work with a caterer with the skills and experience to give your guests the meal of a lifetime. And for over a decade of actively serving the good people of Accra, it’s time to give Mati’s Catering Service a chance to impress you and your guests.

How It Works

Give us a heads-up

Call or WhatsApp us to initiate the conversation. This is to help know more about about your occasion, the size of the expected guests, the meals wanted, and everything else.


We'll can then discuss and conclude with you on the size and quantity of the food, packaging options and the associated cost. You'll then make advanced payment and pay the remaining amount after the program.


We do our best to deliver on time, hot and tasty. Whether you want us to serve at the event ground or pick it up, we're ready to discuss that with you. Your best Catering Service Accra!​

Delicious, Irresistible Meals Always!

Some dishes of our catering Service Accra

event catering accra

Jolof Rice

We make the best Jolof rice for any occasion. It’s tasty and sumptuous, it’ll get your guests asking for more!

Catering Service Accra​


Get cakes of all designs and styles for any occation. From Wedding cakee s to birhday cakes, we give you the best. 

fried rice

Fried Rice

Fried rice can be the perfect meal for birthdays, weddings, parties among others. Let’s give you the best taste



All the cookies, rockies and pastries you’ll ever need for your event  are here. Everything is well measured to give you the right taste

local bar

Local Bar

Get sweet, well-prepared local drinks like Local drinks (Sobolo, Lamugee, Asana etc) from us. Make your guests enjoy t!he moment

banku tilapia

Bank & Tilapia

Love Banku and Tilapia with hot pepper? We love it too! With the best combination of the right ingredients, we make you enjoy it, always!

Why Choose Us

By the time you’re done reading this, you’ll understand why Mati’s Catering service
wins. Undeniably, caterers abound in the city of Accra. And it can sometimes be a bit of
a task to choose the best from the rest given the huge numbers. We outline some of the important attributes of a good Catering Service Accra​ of which we pride ourselves below

Over 10+ Years Experience

First, you want to know the exprience of the caterer. Apart from the years in business, the activeness counts. Like all skills, it gets better overtime and this is what we’ve been able to achieve over the years of providing food services to people at various events. 

Healthy foods

Regardless of the  occasion and the dishes required, one cannot overlook the importance of nutritional aspect of things. This is where you need a caterer with the requisite expertise to select healthy food stuffs in the right quantity for the good of the audience. Depending on the expected guests, one must be measured on foods with calories, moderate sugar levels etc. The ability to make a good selection of vegetables with rich vitamins and minerals comes with experience and this is what Mati is good at.

Fast delivery

Nothing can be frustrating than a delayed meal to an event. A hungry man is an angry man, and that can undoubtedly mar the beauty of any event. To deliver on time requires a degree of speed and organizational skill of the caterer. This is is another area Mati shines best. She know how to engage you to plan ahead to avoid any form of delays and any unwarranted surprises.

Hygienic conditions

You certainly won’t enjoy a meal cooked from an unwholesome conditions or ingredients, regardless of the quality of taste. We all know that can lead to health risks. Not only that, the environment should be neat, inviting and appetizing to merit your hard earned money. We stand by this as we strive to be your best Catering Service Accra​!

Moderate Pricing

The cost of foodstuffs is increasing in Ghana. It’s the same situation for cooked meals. That’s the hard reality. However, you want to work with a catering service Accra like us that appreciate the hard times and can be considerate without compromising on the quality of the food. If you’ve had to feed 100s of people on an event, you can’t but look for a good Catering Service Accra with your interest at heart.


A good caterer should not only be known for the quality of meals but be professional in many other  ways. The entire team should be well dressed and presentable, talk with decency and well behaved even under pressure to deliver. Your guests should feel respected and served with well.

These are some of the boxes Mati Catering Service ticks big. They are the qualities that define our business  and we go every length to uphold it. 

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