Tablet Prices in Ghana

The Best Tablet Prices in Ghana [With Specs & Delivery]

Your search for the best tablet prices in Ghana just got better. Here at PriceGhana, we give you quality products and services at the most competitive prices.

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Why you need a tablet

Tablets present a whole different experience. It perfectly fits in between a regular mobile device and a PC. If you’re a service provider looking to present your portfolio by way of pictures and other graphics on the go, tablets beat the other devices to the punch.

Tablets are in high demand because of the following:

  • Portability- Easy to carry around
  • Lightweight- It won’t add too much weight to your luggage
  • Better for reading – Perfect for students and people in academia
  • Great for meetings – Easy to share digital materials with colleagues during meetings

Who needs a tablet?

Before we look at the tablet prices in Ghana, let’s touch on a few important issues.
Tablets, like most electronic products, can be considered general goods, given the fact that their usefulness cuts across different ages.

That notwithstanding, tablets will very much be helpful to the following individuals:

  • Corporate people
  • Business owners
  • Students
  • Kids

Now that we’ve cleared up these issues, let’s now see some of the best tablet brands available and the associated cool prices we have for you.

Let’s see the Tablet Prices in Ghana…

1. Samsung a7 Lite Price in Ghana and Specs

When it comes to tablets, Samsung reigns. Many consumers opt for the Samsung tabs for various reasons. However, it boils down to everyone’s quest for quality. And that’s where Samsung shines.

Released in September 2020, the Samsung Galaxy Tab A7 Lite is a classic example of its line of good products.
It’s a lightweight device that supports daily tasks like surfing the net, taking decent pictures as well as watching movies.

The specs are also supportive when it comes to running apps or gaming to some extent. Of course, this may not be one of the lowest tablet prices in Ghana but certainly worth checking out if you want to go with a trusted brand and care about quality.

You have the option of choosing between 64GB and 128 GB of memory, depending on your storage needs.

Samsung a7 Lite Specs:

  • Screen: 8.7 inches
  • Memory: 32GB/64GB
  • RAM: 2-4GB 
  • Camera: 8MP/2MP
  • Battery: 5100mAh

Price: Ghc 1,850.00 (32GB+3GB) / Ghc 2,150.00 (64GB+4GB)

2. Samsung Galaxy Tab A8

Samsung galaxy tab a8

Hitting the market in January 2022, the Samsung Tab A8 comes as an upgraded version of its predecessor above, the A7 Lite. It’s got a better screen size (10.5″), improved resolution (1200 x 1920 pixels) as well as an enhanced aspect ratio of 16:10 ratio.

The user experience is further enhanced by reliable software components such as a fast chipset and a better processor. Running on Android 11, One UI 3, this is one of the coolest tablets designed to handle your daily activities without stress.

The tablet doesn’t lag and makes browsing the internet fun and smooth. For students, this can be a whole good experience as PDFs and other files are not only easy to access but fun to read with.

Samsung has also done a good job with the improved battery capacity. The high specs make it one of the moderate tablet prices in Ghana.

Samsung Galaxy Tab A8 Specs:

  • Screen: 10.5″
  • Memory: 32GB/64GB/128GB
  • RAM: 2-4GB 
  • Camera: 8MP/5MP
  • Battery: 7040mAh

Price: Ghc 3,000.00 (32gb+3GB) / Ghc 3,299.00 (64gb+4GB)

    3. Discover Note 11 Plus

    The Discover Note 11 Plus might be the new kid on the block but it’s certainly in to compete. With a sleek, stylish design and enticing specs, it’s a tablet you’d like to have in hand.

    You can effortlessly use it for regular activities like photos and running apps. With a resolution of 1200×720 pixels and a 10.1″ display it presents a good user experience. It’s got security features including facial unlock, sizeable storage space as well as a good battery size of 6000mAh.

    The processor is reliable as it supports various applications. Unlike other devices, the Discover Note 11 Plus ships with a free Screen Protector, Cover as well as Bluetooth headset. If you’re looking for a tablet with relatively high specs at a budget price, this is worth checking out.

    Discover Note 11 Plus Specs:

    • Screen: 10.1″
    • Memory: 128GB
    • RAM: 4GB 
    • Camera: 13MP/8MP
    • Battery: 6000mAh
    • Free Accessories: Screen Protector, Bluetooth Headset, Flip Keyboard Cover

    Price: Ghc 1,350.00

    4. Nokia T20

    It’s time to check out Nokia, in our quest for the best tablet prices in Ghana.
    If you’re a fan of Nokia phones, you might want to feel the power of their tablets. The Nokia T20 is robust, fast, and highly reliable.

    Coming with a screen size of 10.4″ and 1200×2000 pixels resolution, it offers a decent user experience when it comes to viewing photos or watching videos. It’s powered by Android 11 and packs security features as well as an accelerometer sensor.

    When it comes to the camera, the Nokia T20 may not be your favorite friend as it only manages an 8 MP Main camera and 5 MP for selfies. That notwithstanding, a feature like the battery is highly impressive.

    The 8200mAh, non-removable battery can take you days for a moderate user. Why not try it today?

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    Nokia T20 Specs:

    • Screen: 10.4″
    • Memory: 32GB/64GB
    • RAM: 3/4GB 
    • Camera: 8MP/5MP
    • Battery: 8200mAh

    Price: Ghc 1,750.00 (64gb/4GB)

    5. Itel PrimeTab 1

    If you’re on a tight budget, this tablet would be worth checking out. It may not have higher features compared to other brands like Nokia and Samsung but definitely worth the low price tag. It runs on Android 10 (Go Edition) as well as a 7.0′ Inch Touchscreen Display.

    Another feature that’s not too exciting is the RAM size which stands at a paltry 1GB. If you’re a heavy user with a demand for speed to run sophisticated apps, you might want to consider other options.

    That notwithstanding, the Itel Prime ticks the box in some areas. For instance, the Dual SIM and Dual Loud Speaker features can be handy for some people. Plus, they have the lowest tablet prices in Ghana for a moderate user.

    Itel PrimeTab 1 Specs:

    • Screen: 7.0 inches
    • Memory: 32GB
    • RAM: 1GB 
    • Camera: 5MP/2MP
    • Battery: 4000mAh
    • Dual SIM

    Price: Ghc 1,130.00


    As you can see, these are moderately priced tablets that get the job done. Go through the list, be guided by the task or activity you need one for, and let’s get talking.

    We try to give you different brands at various price points to meet the pockets of different individuals.

    Again, if you’ve got a peculiar need that’s not included in this list, feel free to get in touch and we’ll be glad to assist you. It’s our joy to offer you the best tablet prices in Ghana.
    Also, remember to check back later as we keep updating the list with our latest finds.

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