Price of Excavator in Ghana

Price of Excavator in Ghana

If you’ve been looking for the price of excavator in Ghana, welcome. At Price Ghana, it’s always our joy to give you the best and most reasonable prices for goods and services.

Additionally, we offer helpful insights, reviews, and tips to help you make the right purchasing decisions. And when you are ready to make a purchase, we give you all the help you’ll ever need.

If it’s about the best price of excavator in Ghana, we’ve got you covered. Sit back and enjoy!

Brands we work with…

As you probably know, there are many excavator brands out there that are built to get the job done. That notwithstanding, their power, origin, and technology vary. And that also means the purchasing prices vary.

Here at Price Ghana, we are privileged to work with some of your favorite brands as partners. We deal largely with brand-new machines. However, we get Home Used and locally-used ones occasionally that we recommend to our site visitors.

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Caterpillar Excavator Price in Ghana

Caterpillar excavator is an American Fortune 500 corporation producing some of the popular brands of excavators you see around including the B, C, and D series. Various construction, mining, and other earthmoving industries patronize it worldwide for its robustness, power, and reliability.

The company also manufactures several types of equipment including Dozers, Wheel Loaders, and Backhoe loaders designed to handle specific tasks.

Available Price List:

i.Cat 330 BL excavator – Ghs 420,000
ii.CAT Excavator 330BL Homeused – Ghs420,000
iii.CAT 320 BL Excavator – Ghs 285,000
iv.Caterpillar CAT 330BL Excavator – Ghs 550,000

Sany Excavator price in Ghana

Sany is a good example of China’s technological milestone. With headquarters in Changsha, Hunan, this multinational heavy equipment company is today, the 3rd largest company in the equipment manufacturing space as well as being the first to be among the FT Global 500 and the Forbes Global 2000 rankings.

Running on the Cummins Diesel engine, It’s built to save energy and got the power to get the job done.

Available Price List:

i. Sany 215 and LIUGONG 922 ( 600mm) – GHS 1,150,000.00
ii. Sany 215 and LIUGONG 922 (water track 800mm) – GHS 1,250,000.00
iii. LIUGONG 939 – GHS 2,300,000.00
iv. Sany 350 – GHS 2,000,000.00

Doosan Excavator Price in Ghana

Doosan Group is a South Korean company known for manufacturing heavy-duty machines, including excavators. The company has been in existence for years and has received several

awards. In 2018, they were ranked among the top largest heavy equipment manufacturers.

Formerly Daewoo Heavy Industries & Machinery Doosan Infracore, these excavators are powered by the Korean DL06 engines. They are known for their agility and energy efficiency.
Call for the best price of excavator in Ghana now!

Available Price List

i.DX220 – $153,600 / $128,805 (For licensed miners)
ii. DX300 – $270,000 / $226,415 (For licensed miners)

JCB Excavator Price in Ghana

Joseph Cyril Bamford, simply JCB, is a multipurpose heavy-duty equipment manufacturer dating for several decades. Today, it’s one of the most popular manufacturers out there with a big catalog of products for the construction and mining markets. JCB machines are known for their resilience, power, and performance.

Headquartered in Savannah, Georgia USA, the company has about 150 offices in countries including Uk, China, and Brazil among others. They are powered by their very own Dieselmax engine since 2005.

Available Price List

i. Jcb Excavator J’s 160 LC – ₵ 90,000
ii.Jcb 220 Excavator – GH₵ 300,000

Komatsu Excavator Price in Ghana

Japan is known for the quality of its products, no doubt. Coming from Japan is the Kabushiki-gaisha Komatsu Seisakusho), popularly known as Komatsu. It is one of the leading
multinational corporations specializing in the manufacture of heavy-duty types of equipment used in construction, mining, and other earthmoving tasks.

They also manufacture diesel engines among other industrial equipment.

Available Price List

i. Komatsu Wa420-3 – GHs 350,000
ii. Komatsu 320 Wheel Loader – GH₵ 43,500

Related Products and Prices

Aside from the price of excavator in Ghana we also have other relevant products for your consideration.

EquipmentNormal PricePrice for licensed miners
Compressor 7/41$21700.$18,198
Forklift 3 tonnes$23,300 $19538
Skid Steer S450$51,10042851.15
Tower Lamps$1350011320
Wheel loader$76400 64, 067.09

Helpful tips for purchasing an excavator

Regardless of how enticing the price of excavator in Ghana is, you might want to take some precautionary measures to achieve your investment goal. It’s almost risky to purchase anything today without doing some level of due diligence in respect of price, quality, and other checks.

This is extremely important when it comes to expensive products like earthmoving equipment. In this section, we take a look at some of the important considerations and things to look out for when purchasing these machines.

Whether you are considering buying a used or brand-new one, you’ll learn a thing or two here. We give you more than just the price of excavators in Ghana.

Know the Task It’ll Be Used For

The first thing to address is the activity you intend to engage the equipment with. Usually, you’ll be choosing from three main sizes: (0-7 metric tons), standard (7-44 tons), and large (45-80 tons). Depending on the demands of the expected task, you’ll be able to make the right choice. Note that this will also determine the price of excavator in Ghana or anywhere you intend to purchase it.

Will you need a trailer?
Another thing to look out for is the trailer part of the whole setup. If you’re going to need one, you’ll need to understand the various requirements and regulations guiding these machines in your locality. Given that the sizes of roads differ in various jurisdictions, you can’t gloss over this. It should have the right power and capacity to move the excavator with little to no effort.

Are there functioning slew rings?

If you’ve ever come close to a poorly maintained used excavator, some of the identifiers you’ll notice are damaged slew rings. Poor lubrication is one of the major causes of these damages. Even if you’re purchasing a new excavator, do not overlook this important check. It can cause you a lot of cash to fix it so do the needful right off the bat.

Check the hour meter

Getting the best price of excavator in Ghana won’t be enough. Just like the mileage of a car, you don’t want to purchase an excavator without getting an idea about how much it’s been used. Even though lower mileage means you’ll pay more, you get to know what you’re investing with your hard-earned money. Note that the meter can be manipulated if you’re dealing with a shady dealer. Check the control pedals to see what’s available for you.

Do you notice scalloping?

The bucket of every excavator is prone to some degree of wear and tear after using it for a while. This is called scalloping. The good thing is that they are replaceable. However, the scale of damage should be reasonable with the other components of the machine. With a good examination in comparison with other factors, you’ll be able to make better and more informed purchasing decisions.

Are there Leaks?

There are several components of these sophisticated machines that need proper scrutiny. And among them include cylinders, pumps, and others that need to function properly. If oil and other lubricants leak, it’s a big indication to do further checks to ascertain the severity or otherwise of the situation. Don’t trade this for a cheap price of excavator in Ghana!

Seek expert advice

It’s a fact that many individuals and institutions own or plan to purchase excavator machines with little to no form of technical or engineering skills. Of course, this must not deter you from owning one. However, given the complex nature of these machines, it’s absolutely critical to get some level of expert advice.

A qualified technician or engineer will save you from the risk of purchasing a defective machine or go for the price of excavator in Ghana at an exorbitant price.

Hopefully, you picked something to guide your next purchase but for a trouble-free deal, talk to us today or visit our page for other products

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